Kitchen Equipments
Commercial kitchen equipments are made of finest quality raw material, they are applicable in homes, hotels, food centers etc. They are shock proof & easy to control. Their sleek design gives an ultra modern look to your premises.
Walking Cold Room
Cold storage rooms are the reliable source in storage of perishable goods & beverages, at a certain temperature. These are used in pharmaceutical, horticulture, agricultural industries.
Water Chiller
There has been an increasing demand of water chillers in commercial as well as residential areas, for cooling fluids. They are made of best grade raw material, and admired for low power consumption even after its regular use.
Ageing Vat
Ageing vats are used for mixing & storing Ice cream mix at low temperature, it made of best grade stainless steel and is assured non-corrosion. These vats can be applicable for candy store, restaurants etc.
Refrigerated Trucks
Transportation of perishable goods from one place to another become safe with refrigerated trucks, which keeps them fresh even after long period of time. These trucks come with various specifications, and can also be customized.
Milk Cooler
Milk coolers are used for storing & holding milk at low temperature, it can be operated in auto & manual mode. It has a split type design & an anti-corrosion surface. It mainly demanded in food processing units.
Ice Cream Candy Plant
Nowadays, people uses Ice cream candy plant for making ice cream hygienically. This plant ensure non-corrosion as it is fabricated using best grade stainless steel, it has good storage capacity & with minimal power consumption.
Display Equipments
Our range of Display Equipments has been specially designed to showcase beverages and edible items without affecting their taste and nutritional value. Equipped with multiple display shelves, these equipments are preferred for their in built temperature controlling arrangement.
Puf Panel
PUF Panel has vital role in improving acoustic and thermal attributes of laboratories and clean rooms. Made of stainless steel or aluminum, this insulation panel can be accessed in different thickness, length and diameter based options.
Condensing Unit
Condensing units are used to exhaust hot air from the inner side, and protect them from overheating. This unit is power efficient, durable & easy to maintain. It can be applicable in commercial as well as residential areas.
Portable Chiller and Freezer
Portable chiller and freezer reduces organic process of food items by lowering the temperature, ensure safety from bacterial growth. It is mainly demanded in medical, food processing, chemical and other industries.
Evaporator Unit
Our evaporator unit has better cooling efficiency even in extreme temperature conditions, it reduces heat from inside and maintain the desired temperature. They can be applicable in food & beverages, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Slush Machine
We deal in best quality Slush Machines, which have been extensively applicable for making granita as well as other frozen drinks such as frozen coffee, sorbets yogurts, cappuccino and cocktails. These machines are rendered with mechanically controlled air cooling system.
Snacks Trolley
We are dealing in best quality Snacks Trolleys, which are used to dispense tea as well as snacks in restaurants, hotels, and industrial canteens. These trolleys are intended to make the snack distribution time more easy, efficient and manageable.
Milk Storage Tank

SS Milk Dump Tank is designed using hard-wearing stainless steel sheet with heavy thickness. It is provided in spherical shape with high-end polishing of all corners in a very effective way. It is designed in sturdy structure with anti-abrasive features.

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